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Author Topic:   leaking tranny
posted December 31, 2003 10:31 AM
my saginaw 3 speed leaks a little trany fluid
from the counter gear shaft bore onto the
front of the trany.
the gm service manual i have says the fix is to replace the case.

anyone have a better idea? It leaks very little, not even enough to form a drop. it started leaking at the beginning of last season

posted January 01, 2004 03:13 AM
What else would Chevy tell you?? save a few dollars and just buy some silicone and put a nice little plug in the end of the case???

The shaft sits inside the case about a 1/4 inch if I remember corretly....just fill that so the silicone in flush with the end of the case....... will not leak because there is no pressure inside if vent is clean, and shaft can't spin in case....

This is what all Berts have to keep from leaking.

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posted January 01, 2004 02:23 PM
thanks jeff.