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Author Topic:   newer camaro??
posted December 26, 2003 11:50 PM
Anyone running a newer style camaro in factory stock? Found one for $500 not running with a good body and 350. Its a 1988 model. I havent seen any on our track but couldn't tell you why.

Just curious.

posted December 27, 2003 06:55 AM
It depends on your rules. These 101" cars have no frame other than the crossmember under the engine. Everything else on the cars ties off the floorpans. And they use a strut type suspension on the front. If you can tie it all together with tubing according to your rules one can work. The struts aren't much good for it so if you can change them out you will gain also. We run alot of them here but they are converted to leaf setups from the older camaros or a shortened full frame coil car. I assume in factory stock you couldn't do all that so all you would have to do is see if you can support what is there. My concern would be repairability after a crash. I think it would be turned into s**** prretty easily and a big learning curve to setting it up. Good luck.

posted December 27, 2003 03:47 PM
from what i have read they are bad fast with the stock rear setup but like he said they are tin cans and take alot of reinforcing to make them sturdy enough to last. the biggesat think you may run into is the short wheelbase being to short for the class

posted December 28, 2003 09:48 AM
the wheelbase rule would exclude these for us unless I streched it when tieing the front to rear together. We also have to use the stock mounting locations for shocks but probably could reinforce it enough to be strong. Basicly the front end would be a tubular front with just enough of the old strut tower to meet the stock locations rule. You could do the box in on the rears like some guys do with the 79 camero's. It takes the whole rear subframe out of play, no need to worry about it rusting out since its all tubular supported also.

If you could get one to not be a "tin can" thow away car you'd be a head of the curve when the older camero stuff gets really hard to find. Lots of "if's" though, exp. with the wheel base rules.