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posted December 12, 2003 01:58 PM
Ok here is what I need to know? I have sbc 350 (010 block)bor .040 and I have A set of speed pro pistons .040 .927 wrist pins flat top 2v relief. 2.10 from bottom of piston to top of piston. And I need to know if this crankshaft and rods,will work togather with thease parts. The crankshaft is A Scat it has A 3.480 stock stroke, And A 2.100" rod journal and 2 piece main seal. And A set of Scat I beam rods. 5.7" rod length,2.100" diameter (large journal rod pin)and bushed fit .927 wrist pins. Do not have the rods and crank yet,need to know everything will work. Please help A Factory Stock Racer.

posted December 12, 2003 10:21 PM
From center of wrist pin to top of piston is 1.563