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Author Topic:   recomended spring rate?
posted December 12, 2003 12:33 AM
83 Monte Carlo,banked 3/8 mile,usually goes dry slick,any basic recommendations for spring rates? also,never ran a metric before,how about basic ride height? forgot, car must weigh 3500 end of feature.

posted December 12, 2003 05:24 AM
Several different theories and setups but this will get you real close. You may have to adjust for drivers style, weight distribution and all that though. I have ran this setup with great success on the same type of track but your car is about 500 pounds over what we run, so I would probably start with the stiffer springs. Also may try swapping the front springs left to right if need be. I haven't tried that yet but waiting for the new season to start in January (or when the new car is done) and I will. As far as ride height, I can't answer that yet, I don't have my notes here with me at the moment. Do you run weight jacks or adjustable spacers? We have to get the ride height out of the spring length as we can't have any adjustments. Good luck.
lf 1100-1200
rf 1200-1300
lr 250-275
rr 225-250

posted December 12, 2003 06:19 PM
I had metric last year, and ran 5.5 o.d x8"on the front,with a adjustable bucket.Wound up with 10" front spring height.LF 850 RF 1200 and 11" springs on rear LR 175 RR 200. From bottom of frame to ground in front was 7" on the LF and 71/2" on the RF. We ran on 3/8 mile high bank track. And car could run up high down low or in middle. Car was A little lose,but that is how my driver liked it. Hope this helped?

posted December 12, 2003 08:21 PM
Like it has been said before, everyone likes something different. My car worked real well with 1100 lf, 1300 rf, 300 lr, and 275 rr. But I also weigh more than your average driver.

posted December 12, 2003 08:48 PM
i run the same as 13 but my car is about 600# lighter then yours will be so i'd start with a 1200rf and 1000 on the left 250lr 200 rr

posted December 12, 2003 09:58 PM
not allowed any weight jacks,but can run solid spacers, you guys got any more input on ride highth thanks for any replys

posted December 14, 2003 09:54 PM
what weight percentages are you guys shooting for on these metric cars?

posted December 15, 2003 04:32 PM
my factory wsnt a metric,had to be 112" wheel base,but we have to be 3500 lbs and my springs go like this.

afco street stock springs on front

lf-900 rf-1000

tru-coil duel pig tail springs on back

lr-225 rr-200

My cage is set back rather far,but rear % when scaled 1/2 thru this year was something like 54%,cant remember cross wight,have it writtin down.

Every car is different,and seeing how the cars them selves are different that may not help,but thought I would throw it out there.

posted December 16, 2003 07:51 PM
On my home track which is an undersize quater, I like a 950 lf 1100 rf 200 lr 250 rr. I like a very loose setup. the 900 and 1100 front is a good ball park tho

posted December 17, 2003 07:21 PM
% wise i run mine around 50-52 rear 51 cross and 52 left is what it came out to be