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Author Topic:   Header Choice
posted December 01, 2003 11:43 AM
equal lenght make more power depending on the length in one little spot in your rpm range.

I have ran the exact header size your looking at, but according to several builders with dynos the 1.75 tube 3.5 collector is better for our rpm range, they all say step start having a effect above 7000 on their dynos.

I allways thought the step helped torque but lately Ive read several different articles saying step helps upper rpm power and kills some torque?

I am going to buy 1.75/3.5 this will be the first time Ive used non step ever.

your nova can use metric schoenfeld #186, or a new header thats #166A, just for camaros novas etc. $159.95

those numbers are for 1.75/3.5.

If you need the step and small collector,185v,or 165vA, $199.95

both will clear angle plug, front and rear side mts, but the metrics wont clear stock clutch linkage.

Hope this helps you out.

posted December 01, 2003 09:04 PM
Reccomend holleys flow-tech units called
afterburners.. similar to a tri-y but fit better than any I've seen around. We used this unit for 2 seasons against some big hitters and flat out pulled them off corners.
holley says they are the perfect app for small block dirt racers in street stock config, Send them an e-mail and ask?
only takes a few seconds. I'll know for sure this season. I wrecked the car and bought another race ready with shonfelds.
We were the car to beat for two seasons, so we'll see. great question.

Light it up, Baby!

posted December 01, 2003 09:33 PM
I was going to try those, I sold them when they first came out at super shops. But imca made them illegal in stocks..

posted December 01, 2003 09:38 PM
why not get thorleys again, they make them for a nova, last I looked they were 380.00. they are the best header I have ever seen.

too heavy for me to ever consider on a race car though...

posted December 06, 2003 09:33 AM
Jet hot or ceramic coating is the only one I know of that works. It works really well but is expensive... I would like to get my whole exhaust system done. If you can afford it I would deffinitely do it..

I personally think shoenfelds are on every car because they fit, and are cheap. I mean good hooker super comps are about 300.00 versus 160 for schoenfelds.

Zero I thought you were a powder coater?? thats what you posted elsewhere.

posted December 08, 2003 05:04 AM
A 3.5 inch collector on a 1 5/8 header is useless. It is nothing more than a "tubular exhaust deflector" Go with 1 5/8 tubes 36 inches long ana (gasp!!) 2.5 inch collector. Bigger is not always better in headers. If it was then no headers at all (infinite diameter) would make the most power!!!

posted December 08, 2003 08:17 AM
i am, i do smaller stuff now and am getting the set up for a bigger one by hopefully christmas, but i have not triedthe high temp stuff, have had no use yet, but am going to do my headers and see what it does.