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Author Topic:   Rolling over on the right rear ??
posted November 16, 2003 06:34 PM           
I have a 1978 Nova 3441 total weight with fuel and driver 50 % across 54 % left side weight 48 % rear weight 700 lbs spring on the Lf, 900 on the Rf Went I got the car I didn't change the Rear leafs springs Because it was very fast and hooked up great BUt Now I have I found the it has 500lbs on the Left rear , and A 200 on the Right rear I spaced the right rear wheel out 1/2 inchto stop the Rubbing it handles Pretty good except I will go thought to many right rear tires I lost one already it rolls to much onto the right rear has anyone ever ran 500 lbs on the left rear and what size on the right rear I race on a 1/3 super dry track cars handle pretty good I think it would be pretty if I didn't lose speed to the rolling over PLease Help Me thanks

rico 08
posted November 16, 2003 07:21 PM
Those are really soft springs on the front,i like at least a 1200 on the right front especially a car that heavy,on the rears i'd run more like a 200 right rear and a 250 left rear leaf,that spring combo should keep the tires from rubbing.

posted November 16, 2003 09:29 PM
I agree. i run a 1050 on the rf. i have adjustable coils on the rear, plus a 4 link to get twist on the rear. if i roll over too much i tighten the rr up and increase my tire pressure a little.if it continues try a different approach to the corner.

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