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Author Topic:   Chevy Caprice Set up
posted November 10, 2003 01:08 PM
what does the car weight what are your limits on suspention changes?and type of track hi,med or low banks tight or sweeping turns. as for tranny i'm not a big fan of glides. we have to run a 350 in our class and don't have much troubles with them and if you do they are everwhere and can pick them up cheap unlike glides which are getting harder and harder to find now a days

posted November 10, 2003 07:32 PM
When the larger older Impalas were getting tougher to locate,many racers in my classs at the time started running the 4 door metric Impalas or Caprices...with great success. The class we ran was directed to the bigger and heavier style cars.

I believe most of the guys were running a 900# spring on the left,and a 1100# on the right....200# to 250# in the rears. I have run Turbo 350s in second gear with 4:10 gears,a 355 small block Chevy(with basically that cam spec) on a semi banked 1/3 mile and have never had a trans failure. I always start the season with a fresh trans and converter,then I know what I got.

posted November 13, 2003 12:34 AM
I'd run about 100# higher on both LF and RF (caprice is a heavy car). Other than that, teamstertom's spring rates are what I ran on my Caprice with good luck. Also, I always ran my RF tire pressure much higher than the other three. (17-18 RF, 11-12 LF, 13-14 L&RR). I started doing this on the advice of a buddy after I rolled a few RF tires off the rim on a heavy track. LOL.

posted November 20, 2003 12:12 PM
I "actually ran a Caprice " against metrics at Bedford Speedway. The top 2 in points were both metric Impalas. They can be made to work. Especially at 3600 pounds. Alot of people were surprised when my litlle old #31 family car passed them!!

posted November 20, 2003 06:25 PM
I can't say I RACED ONE...but I tried!

dan ferry
posted November 20, 2003 07:49 PM
definitely go with the 350 tranny first off the glide has only 2 gerars im sure u know you cant get enough gear to run high so u would run low i dont like that. with the 350 running second first is a killer on restarts.. i run a 1/2 mile with wide turns i run 2nd gear with 3.42's in rear with a tire about 85" around (rollout) and close to the springs they already mentioned mine are 11"tall. gives me close to 5600 give or take a few.every make of tranny has problems now and again. if u can run stick the saginaws are cheaper and easier to find than any in my opinion and the come with different gear ratois dependind on howw mant lines around input shaft.

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