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Author Topic:   108 metric car or 112 inch car?
posted October 31, 2003 11:57 PM
i have driven coil and leaf cars 108,110 and 112 wheel base and metric is my choice it takes a different driving style to run leaf cars and it's not as ez to switch from a coil to a leaf as it is the other way around.metrics are alot lighter then any nova we have ever built and with a coil car you can change the rear springs in a couple minutes to get a different setup

posted November 01, 2003 04:51 PM
zero what are your nova weighting my car is considered pretty heavy around here and it weights 2800 with me @200# and 22 gallons of fuel alot of guys are getting metrics down in the 25-2600 range lightest nova we ever built was 2950 without driver and fuel

rico 08
posted November 01, 2003 08:45 PM
I traded my camaro roller for a metric for several reasons,1 Coils are easier to replace and adjust(as 17j said).2 You cannot run a nova or any type of sub frame car in anything less than a street stock class around here so if i want to run an enduro or drop down i can(this is a street stock forum i know)3 my car has an aluminum hood and is chopped to the max,it would take a acid dipped nova to even come close to being as light but anything under 2900 is probably too light.IMHO

posted November 01, 2003 10:35 PM
the shorter wheel base car will get thur the conner alot better than a long wheel base car. a shorter wheel base car is the way to go

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posted November 02, 2003 09:34 AM
even tho you have a weight rule a lighter car is still a better choice because you can put the added weight where you want and need it if you want the best of bolth worlds take your 112 car and cut it down to 108 and put a metric body if you can we are alowed to put the newer style bodies on our metric frames now so thats what i'm going to do if i move up gonna take a metric impala and shorten it up to 108 that way i get the shorter wheelbase and the better front end of the full size car

posted November 02, 2003 01:35 PM
last nova I built, stock clip,a arms, alum radiator, scattershield, 3 spd saginaw, 10 bolt rearend, stock floor and firewall, all stock body, no stock trunk required, 16 gallon cell.
10 inch heavy wheels. only one coat of paint,

2765 total

to be imca legal it would need trunk tin added,and roof inner supports put back.

posted November 02, 2003 02:16 PM
the fastest cars around here are all nova's. the second fastest are metrics.
i WOULD NOT cut down an impala frame. they suck. i had one on a mod. they are heavy and not very good frames. if your going with a 108 car you would be best off with a metric then put nova lowercontrol arms on it. that will give you a wide front end. then you jsut need to adjust everything to make sure the front end wount be really messed up. find somebody with a bumpsteer gauge and ask them for help.
but impala or big gm frames are not good.
yes they maybe wide but they are heavy and not a good choice for a racecar. that is why many mods are getting away from them.

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