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Author Topic:   Camaro Shifter Mount Location
posted October 31, 2003 06:45 PM
The last time I installed a 3 speed Hurst floor shifter in a 70's Camaro, it wound up so far forward that I had to modify the shifter pivot so the shifter could be rotated back and also bend the shifter lever back so the driver could reach first and third gear.

I glanced at a Camaro one night that had a manual transmission and the shifter seemed right where it should be, in easy reach of the driver. The hole in the tunnel seemed to be further back. Our shifter was mounted on the tailshaft as usual. Is there something I'm missing here?



posted November 01, 2003 10:21 AM
get a aftermarket shifter and mount it where ever you want just bolt it to the floor or we have also just put rods up into the car and put an L on the end to pull bolth ways you will never have to worry about a stock type shifter binding up or locking on you i have had that happen in staging before and that was the last time

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