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Author Topic:   camaro a frames
posted October 30, 2003 06:23 PM
70 camaros have different size bolts in the frame, half inch I think instead of 5/8.

so you would need to get the right bushings,all 4 would be the small ones instead of 2 small 2 big for the lowers. in singles instead of a whole set.

also the better spindles hubs would be 79 and up camaro or big car, they have a larger outer brg.

The uppers are the same.

At least thats the way I remember it, its been a about 5 years since I parted a pre 72 camaro.

posted November 03, 2003 11:55 AM
Originally posted by bryanb30:
will 1970 camaro front end parts(aframes spindles rotors ) interchange with later model stuff?

as stated, the 70 spindles are HEAVY (same as 71-76)

the lowers use 1/2" bolts (vs. 9/16 of the 73 and later) .... although this is not a problem as you can reinforce the lower holes (and better align them) by welding heavy 1/2" washers over them.

the uppers may be more difficult to convert to solid bushings (IIRC this size in solid is less available), but for guys who like stock rubber bushings (or have to run them because of rules) these may be the best choice since these smaller bushings would have less deflection (than larger rubber bushings of later years).

as always, the best spindles are 79-81 (lightest spindle, with large outer bearings) I have found these spindles on applications as obscure as an '85 pontiac Pariessene (just look for later models with 11" rotors).


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