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Author Topic:   Bent Frame
posted October 22, 2003 07:49 AM
I was in a rather nasty wreck July 5th with my '86 Monte. We cut the front rails off at the K-member and put on a new steering box and front rails. When measuring, we found the right rail was driven back about 3/16"-1?4", meaning the left front tire was leading the right. Never handled better.

Sometimes ya get lucky and it works for you, other times it will make it undrivable. I'd try to straighten it the best I could, then run it and see. Doesn't sound like it's too bad. If it feels ok, go with it. You might be surprised.

posted October 22, 2003 12:28 PM
I was about to post a question on the same topic... this season gone by I was in a few wreaks... rr axel broke got hit on both sides of the front... measured it all it all measured out good nothin bent there but rims and tables and then another time got spun and was clocked on the pass side.... not sure if it was bent there.. but I won two feature after that and well if i wasn't d/q when I was I would have finished second only 7 point behind the leader... and that makes me wish I had of gone and road around in 3 when second blew outta my tranny.. but anywho back to the point... should I take my car to the loacal body man and put it on his frame machine and get it straightened or leave well enough alone???

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posted October 22, 2003 06:04 PM
i'm with 15a go to the frame machine or go ahead and run it if you like replacing drive shafts we had a nova that had something simular happen went thru 3 shafts in the next few weeks. if it was a full frame car thats different on those anything past the wheel has no effect but on a uni body thats asking for trouble

posted October 23, 2003 09:43 AM
Another way to look at it! Don't worry where the car and frame are. The track only knows where the wheels are. Move suspension mounting points till all are where they should be. The chassis can be a pretzel and if the suspension mountings are all in the right place it will work okay. SLEEPY

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