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Author Topic:   Spray Painted Carb
posted October 21, 2003 08:00 AM
Generally, a carb that is just painted like that is not functional for very long once the air/fuel mixture dissolves the paint it comes in contact with and either plugs up internal circuits or winds up sending that paint mixture into the engine.
There are, however, many carb "rebuilders" who use Eastwood Co.'s "carb renew" paint which is an acrylic coating meant for the outside surfaces of a carb and USUALLY lasts a bit longer.
The ONLY proper way, however, to recolor a carb, particularly the parts that are a zinc/aluminum alloy, is by electroplating with a fresh coating of zinc and then etching that coating with chromic acid in whatever tint preferred. This is how it is done from the factory.
The steel parts (linkage, etc) are Cad plated in much the same manner, which is the same type of process used on oil pans, valve covers, etc, when you seen them as "gold" or yellow irridescent color.
Another coloring process some builders use is powder coating. While this is still a paint-type process, the coating is baked on and SUPPOSED to be a bit more bullet-proof than just using spray cans. The problems we've seen with this is that powder coating the internal surfaces of, say, fuel bowls for instance does NOT hold up to some of the more harsh fuels being used today in racing. Some blends of methanol will remove this coating and gues where it goes?.....

My best advice would be to look past the el-cheapo coating a carb has and at the actual physical wear or abuse the carb has. Things like throttle shaft wear, the condition of the lower halves of the venturi, butterflies, and throttle bore area are the first places to look. If all looks good and clean in there, then any coating or paint can easily be removed and the carb can be turned into a nice piece.

But usually, it takes the work of a skilled rebuilder to restore cores like that to what they originally were or beyond.

Hope that helps,

posted October 21, 2003 10:40 AM
That was an unbelievable abundance of knowledge!

My hats off to KP!

posted October 21, 2003 08:15 PM
You're welcome, guys. Just spewing the stuff that fills my head (not the paint fumes, the info!). LOL :-)


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