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Author Topic:   camaro/nova track width??
posted October 17, 2003 03:52 PM
I have been stumped, I thought I knew but I didnt..

I am working on a nova 75-79 track width is 60 inches front and rear. This will be the first nova of this vintage I have ever built.

I have used camaro clips in chassis cars Ive built.

with a track width of 61.5. this is stock isnt it?

I was allways running big impala spindles is that where I get the 61.5 width??

I guess the question is what width exactly is a camaro stock??

Thanks for the help, this changing from pavement to dirt, and camaro clips to oem body nova cars is gonna be the end of me. Man these oem cars are dirty to work on and stinky when you use the fire wrench.. I like stock clip fab chassis cars better, wish mods had fenders.

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