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Author Topic:   ackerman steer
posted October 17, 2003 12:17 PM
can someone describe how this works or give a detailed description of the easiest way to set the ackerman steer.

posted October 17, 2003 03:59 PM
basically your left front tire turns sharper than the right front.

I have raced pavement and its very common on pavement. I dont think its going to help on dirt.

The way it is achieved is thru carefull control of bump steer. And or the left front steering arm on the spindle is shorter.On aftermarket late model spindles the left side arm is slotted for adjustment.

I have read a lot of diff opinions on it, basically the inside tire is making a smaller circle so should turn more.

but when you counter steer for a loose car its supposed to be bad and cause you to spin out, lol.

I had some lefthander spindles on a car 2 years ago and with the left tie rod as far out as possible to reduce ackerman it was still a half inch shorter of a arm then the rf, and the car was baaad fast. then on scs spindles I could get to zero ackerman.

hope this rambling helps. Also if you run your front tires towed out you have ackerman basically, the left side tire will be turned farther than the right front!!!

posted October 21, 2003 09:03 PM
Bending your steering arms out toward the rotors will gain ackerman. Moving your center link back or using longer steering arms will gain ackerman also. Pavement cars use shorter left arms because they do not plan to turn right, only left. On dirt the left front turning sharper left helps the car turn in the center of the corner. When steering right more ackerman helps steer the RF out farther and catch the car before it spins out.

When you use a shorter steering arm on the left side the car it toes in when turned to the right. That pins the front end down and spins the car out.

More ackerman on dirt is better because the tire grip is much less so you have to steer the left front out more than on asphalt.

Good luck,

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