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Author Topic:   paint
posted September 29, 2003 07:54 AM
I have already painted my car with the oil base enamel and it turned out good. I went to paint a flag on top of roof. I masked everything off with the good masking tape and painted it with Krylon spray paint and it looked awsome until I peeled of the masking tape and the paint just ripped and tore and did not do well it just wanted to peel in some spots. Whats the trick guys? Where did I mess up?

posted September 29, 2003 08:00 AM
don't skimp on the quality of masking tape. i use the blue colored tape you get from lowe's or home depot. it's about $4 a roll, but it comes off in one piece.

also, you might want to consider peeling the tape off before the paint is completely dry.

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posted September 29, 2003 05:19 PM
My enamel took days to dry completely until then you could scrape it off with your fingernail.

posted September 29, 2003 06:52 PM
make sure you always scuff it with 220 sand paper and wipe it off realy good with thinner before tyou paint her also with that tractor paint we always wait till it's pretty much dry then set it out in the sun to bake for a day before you mask anything

posted September 29, 2003 07:33 PM
I always keep a razor handy when peeling the tape off to cut the paint as you go. Be sure to scuff the paint too.

posted September 30, 2003 12:46 AM
17j, I can relate to tractor paint! I painted my DW8 chassis Kubota Orange! Messed up puttin on sponsor decals on the cage, peeled the paint while pullin decals! Prep like mad is my motto!

posted September 30, 2003 08:04 AM
I think where I messed up was I tried to spray the flag on top of the slick fresh paint and did not sand it cause it was smooth but now I will sand it dowm and repaint the roof and when I put the flag on I will scuff it up real good where the flag goes and hope it will stay this time. Its amazing I have spent more money on spray paint tring to make a flag on the roof than I did to paint the whole car lol

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posted September 30, 2003 05:01 PM
did the base paint peel or the krylon? i always have trouble with krylon

posted September 30, 2003 08:55 PM
Krylon is too "hot" for most enamel, it will blister a lot of paints that it is applied over. My trick is to mask with very thin tape. Or just let say a 1/4" of the tape touch the car and 1/2" on the paper. I stick it down really good and seldom have problems.
I did the same thing you did on a custom van I'd built. Painted a lightning bolt down the sides and pulled off the base black paint everywhere I'd masked it. I was sick....

posted September 30, 2003 10:02 PM
Yes, use the blue tape. When you paint your car paint an extra piece of metal. Then if you use spray cans to decorate or touch up, test them on the extra piece for compatability. You may have to try several brands of spray cans before you find the right kind. SLEEPY

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