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Author Topic:   Seat mounting
posted September 25, 2003 10:15 PM
Does anyone have pics of there seat mounting bars??

I had the front inside bar floating just resting on the floorboard with a 3' stub.

Car rolled and 220# driver and seat broke loose welds were all good, it ripped the
1 1/4" .083 tubing just past the welds on the lower door bar and the rear seat bar..

I don`t want this to happen a second time.

Thanx, 20bmw

jhon hollomon
posted September 26, 2003 08:50 AM
You deffinitly want to tie your seat mount and belt tabs to your cage. Just build a cradle for the seat to bolt in and attach it to the cage.

Just a little crazy!!!!!!

posted September 26, 2003 09:07 AM
I would suggest stronger tubing for the mounts. At least .095" wall but I prefer .120". But at least hook it to the bars, NEVER to the floor! And use gussets anywhere you can fit them in. Sorry I don't have any pics at the moment but I will see if I can get some of one of the cars we have built. Good Luck and stay safe.

posted September 26, 2003 04:35 PM
Try Day Motorsports or Speedway, they sell a kit that is 1 1/2 tubing and mounts to the rollcage in 3 places, about $55. At least the pictures might help...loojack

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