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Author Topic:   American Racer Vs DOT tires
posted September 23, 2003 08:02 AM
The 2 tracks in our area have the same issue. We tried to go to a spec tire G60-15 asphalt compound american racer. Most of us converted, but we lost a few cars. So to get the cars back we allow 25560r15's on 8" rims at one track and the other will allow 275s on 10" rims with a weight penalty.

Now that I have converted it is the only way to go. Tire costs are way down, as we usually wear them out instead of tearing the street radials up. We give up some traction on the wet track (to the 275's) but as soon as the track starts to tack up and/or dry out the american racers really start to hook up.

One guy raced on 5 tires for the entire season (10 race days - 540 laps mostly dry slick) I totally used up about 6 tires this year. 4 worn out to nearly bald, and 2 cut.

The sidewalls are much tougher so they take more rubbing. As well I drove two hard laps (well, as fast as I could) on a completely flat right rear tire (experimenting with too low of a pressure!) and the tire was still good. We just cleaned the mud out, put a new tube in and used it the next day. Try that with a street radial, the side wall would be toast.

So if your track is usually dry slick in the feature, I would jump on the band wagon feet first. You might want to save your radials for the wet heavy track in the first heat.

posted September 23, 2003 09:26 PM
You guys ought to try and talk your promotor in to letting you guys groove and sipe used american racers then you can buy used tires from the mod guys and make some real race tires out of them for not alot of money and I bet them mod guys would be happy to have a place to move thier tires to. just an opinion everyone has one you know.

posted September 24, 2003 03:42 PM
race what you've got and see if you get smoked. if so - you can switch later. if not - why bother?

posted September 25, 2003 08:21 PM
I seen a guy at the end of the year use american racers. He wasnt racing for position he just tested for IMCA the track said. He started in the back and made it all the way to like 3rd or 4th before he spun it. But he wasnt a normal driver so I'm not sure if it was alot of how the car was setup or just tires. Take it for what its worth I guess.

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