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Author Topic:   ACID PORTING
posted September 18, 2003 02:55 PM
Hi, a guy at my track mentioned he gets his intake "acid ported". What does this do and what is the correct name for this stuff. Thanks, Mud

posted September 18, 2003 03:14 PM
The term "acid porting" is actually a misleading thing. Acid is not actually used to do the porting itself, it is used to make the machined surface look rough and untouched again so that the inexperienced tech man won't notice it.
Sulfuric acid is popular for cast iron as well as just letting a cast iron port sit filled with a salt water brine to promote quick rusting. Shot peening is also used to hide grinder marks and the last step being "etching" the surface with acid again.
It's been done for years, and no matter how good the "acid porter" is, the part can be found illegal in minutes by cc'ing it and comparing to the volume of a known stock part.

Hope that helps. And yes, we can do this stuff.... :-)


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