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Author Topic:   stubbing a metric car
posted September 16, 2003 01:38 PM
Finally got in a pretty good wreck and the front end needs some attention. How hard is it to restub a car? I built the car from the ground up, but have never done anything like this before. Is there any "directions" to do this, or how is it done? Where do you cut at? Do you do both sides or just one? Anyone give me some pointers? Thanks!


posted September 16, 2003 03:04 PM
My first race ever I was in second place in a brand new regal,on the last lap right under the flagman,I was hit in the quater sent head on into wall.We cut the chassis right behind the a-frames and replaced it.We reinforced where the welds were with plate.Car still handled when we put it back together.


posted September 16, 2003 04:53 PM
first i'd take it to a good frame shop and see if they can pull it i've seen some cars that i would never think of running again go on the machine and win the next week from the back of the pack but if you are going to stub one take the entire front stubb off on the factory weld where it hooks to the side rails you will probably have to cut the floor out to get access to the welds to grind them off and weld the new one on but most important thing is take alot of messurements off the donor stubb first to make 100% sure your gonna be square

posted September 18, 2003 12:21 PM
How bad was the wreck? Where did the frame buckle? I was in a nasty wreck this year and was hit HARD 3 times. Once broadsided on the left front wheel & bumper, spun around and broadsided across the right front bumper and then spun again and nailed straight on. Each hit was at full race speed. Believe it or not, the car didn't bend behind the engine cradle. It did flex and spring back, maybe bending 1/8" but I'm not worried about that. I did have a steel engine midplate that probably saved the frame by using the block as a stressed member of the frame.

Anyway, I hacked both rails off right in front of the crossmember and the cage was hacked right by the brake master cyl. I took another frame and cut it in the same spot (with sway bar and steering still attached so both rails were still semi held together) and lined it up on the frame. I had a 3rd bare frame around to line it up. Just take alot of diagonal measurements to make sure it's square. I measured from a few little holes in the frame by the front of the motor to the bumper mount. I was able to line it up within 1/8". Then weld and gusset the attaching point. I also added an extra bar from the cage by the brake cyl down to the front by the bumper bracket just to help reinforce it.

Good luck.

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posted September 18, 2003 12:36 PM
Well most of this won't apply to me because well, it's gonna have to be cut off about the got smashed up pretty good. Here's a pic:


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