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Author Topic:   When to use beadlocks??
posted September 10, 2003 08:37 AM
Jus' curious. The track I generally run at won't let us use them with 8" wheels and 27.5"x8" Hoosier HTOV RC4's. We can run them at a few other tracks with various Hoosier or American Racer tires (about the same size as the 27.5"s) on 8" wheels. I know it's always safer to have beadlocks, but was wondering what's the limit to when you NEED them? They're a bit $$$ for me to have extra wheels that I'd only use a few times a year.

Is it a tire size vs. wheel vs. pressure that requires them? Like a late model tire on a 10" wheel will be good to xx PSI or a smaller tire on a 8" wheel will be good to xx PSI? I know it would help keep them from getting knocked off in traffic, but that's just a side benefit.

posted September 10, 2003 04:33 PM
i see it as a saftey issue anything i can do to keep a tire rolling off and making me roll goin into the corner is worth the 100 bucks

posted September 10, 2003 08:36 PM
The issue is really tire pressure vs tire grip. If you are on a really tacky track and can bring it into the corner with your right foot planted, you cannot expect the tire to stay on the rim without either a beadlock or some air pressure inside the tire! Now, you get on a really dry-slick track with "semi" banks, and you're having to pedal it all the way thru the turn, obviously the tire will stay mounted with a whole lot less air pressure. A lot will depend on the set up and driving style Camaro has all the ballast behind the axle and has an extremely hight center of gravity, which makes the chassis tend to have more "side bite" than many of my competitors. Thus I have taken tire pressure advice from some of my buds I race with and lost a rear tire running the same pressure they said they were using. It's beyond me why racetracks make up rules which are counter productive when it comes to safety!

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