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Author Topic:   wissota street stock chassis builders
posted September 08, 2003 05:40 PM
How many chassis builder out there for them and who gives good seup advise. I have built a few cars in the past just wanting to get a car that i know is going to be a front runner. I seen that racestar builds them who else builds them.

posted September 08, 2003 07:18 PM
I help out a couple of guys with their race cars as a crew member and sponsor. I did not get a chance to finish my car this year,so one of the guys I help races a Wissota SuperStocker at Arcadia Wisconsin. We travel 3 and 1/2 hours to race that car on Friday nites......and so far this class is very exciting. The first motor he had built failed,so he used my motor and was fast until we had some of our own problems with that motor.
This Wissota style of racing is an excellent way to go racing. There is no bull...these are the rules and you will follow these rules.
I believe at the Wissota Website,there is a add for their newspaper that is full of Wissota vendors from carbs to chassis.
If anyone can catch a Wissota so!
The Super Stocker class they have is a FAST class,and seems to be half way reasonable to get into.

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