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Author Topic:   Rear spring spacers & ride Height
posted September 04, 2003 06:39 AM
I finally measured my ride heights.
RF = 6-1/2
LF = 6-1/2
RR = 8
LR = 8

My left rear spring has steel spacers above and below the spring.
What effect would it cause to remove some?
I'm looking to tighten up the car a little.

posted September 04, 2003 07:55 AM
This is in a metric car.
Last week I had a flat in the heat, so I put on my junk tire, which did tighten it up, it closed the stagger.

I did think that if I removed the spacer it would loosen it.

But to create cross wedge i should make the rf higher than the lf?
And the lr higher than the rr?

I wasn't sure if the fronts being equal an the rear's being equal in height was the right way to run it.

posted September 04, 2003 11:25 AM
Yes, you'll want to raise the RF just a smidge. That will tighten the car. But don't put any more spacers on the LR till you try that first. If you're not careful you will get the left side higher than the right-BAD MEDICINE!

posted September 04, 2003 03:52 PM
You could also put in a higher rate spring on the LR and/or the RF. Going up about 25 - 50 pounds of spring rate on the LR will add crossweight like adding more shims, but without the increase in ride hight. This is why you see alot of cars with something like 225# on the LR and 200# on the RR.

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