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Author Topic:   set up
posted September 01, 2003 07:54 AM
same story tight in and to the middle then loose off.I have been running easy up both fronts but when I come in the corner hard the right front will bounce a couple times .I think this is where my problem starts.I am going to try 50/50 on the right front,i think the rf shock isn't controling the rebound.I run pro stock mount adjusables.1000rf 800lf 225lr 200rr shocks are set at lf easy up rf easy up lr tie down rr 50/50. Don't have any current scale figures.The bounce only happens in 1+2 but tight in all turn entries when dry slick.Stagger is 1/4 front 1/2 rear this set up is good 90% of the time but would like to get it better.Side skirks are 7" off the ground and you can see the right side has been touching the ground when it bounces .Sound the 50/50 right front might help.

posted September 01, 2003 01:29 PM
i would try 50/50 all around and put alot more stagger in the front those front springs are a little liter then i like too but that just me

posted September 01, 2003 03:51 PM
i had the same tighy in loose off problem and moved 60lbs. of lead from the right rear to the left rear and the car was awsome. my tight in loose off problem was so bad that it felt like the left rear was flat thats why such a big adjustment.

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