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Author Topic:   Chevelle?
posted August 17, 2003 08:35 PM
Friend of mine races a 70 Chevelle.He wants to get more negative camber out of the right front. Someone told him about using some kind of Cadillac(sp?) spindle to achieve this. Anyone know what this guy was talking about?

posted August 18, 2003 07:00 AM
Those old 60s'cad spindles had an offset cam bushing that was used to adjust the camber. A real pain to use, they froze up after getting some rain on them. There are eaiser and better ways to get the camber to change.

posted August 18, 2003 03:42 PM
Try a moog offset upper shaft Part#k5250
It allows you to flip it over to gain more negative or positive camber.

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