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Author Topic:   Tranny help
posted August 09, 2003 05:05 PM
I have a saginaw 3 speed. How do you check the ratios without using the lines on the input shaft method. I watched a guy do it for me but I forgot how he did it. I know he made a mark on the input shaft and made me count it every time itcame around while he spun the tail shaft and i stoped hi, when the input went around 10 times. Now what did he do count how many time he spun the tail shaft and divide by 10 or what. The reason I ask is because I assure you I have no lines but he said it was a 1.84 not 1.68
If my calcaltions are correct he would have turned it 18.4 times divided by 10 to get 1.84 but how do you tell .4

posted August 09, 2003 06:22 PM
you're thinking is correct.
1. Stick it in the gear you're checking
2. Mark the input and output
3. Have someone spin the output 10 times
4. Count the number of times the input turns
5. Divide that by 10
You tell the .4 by it being slightly less than half a turn(guesstimation), so it helps to know what you're possible ratios could be. If you turned the output 100 times you could be accurate to that degree without any guesswork.

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