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Author Topic:   Nova leaf springs
posted July 23, 2003 12:11 PM
Need some help .I am switching from a metric car to a 79 Nova on the dirt.How does spring eye height on the rear affect the car ie putting the rr 1/2 inch higher than the LS.Also what would a good starting point be for rear leaf rates and arch.Track is a 1/3 or 3/8 depended on who you talk to , high banked clay oval.


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posted July 23, 2003 08:00 PM
6.5 arch

as for spring eye pts. you want the rear 9 inches higher with sliders, and with shackles you want the top mount 12 inches higher, than the front...

I am building a Imca stock car out of a nova and am going to run the parabolics summit sells them for 115.00.

I ran them on a pavement car, they worked great though when compared to multi leaves the rates are way softer. I am going to order the stiffest parabolics available, I think they are 225 for both sides and go from there.

on pavement I had a 200/225 and added a leaf to each with a car that weighed 3300. 48% rear.

Ive ran leafs for 8 years.

email me if you want.

jeff joldersma

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