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Author Topic:   Rocker Arm Studs
posted July 20, 2003 09:36 PM
Well, with the way they have the rule not allowing the pinning of the studs you probably have 2 options. Either replace the head, which I personally wouldn't do because the car runs with it, or be more discreet in pinning the studs. Instead of using roll pins like the ones that come in a pin kit simply use small drill bits instead. Drill the bit into the stud and then snap it off flush or slightly deeper than flush if you're lucky. Take a little J&B weld and neatly cover the edge of the hole and it will be harder to see and might allow you to run that head a little longer. Sooner or later racetracks will realize that parts are getting harder to find, especially all of those "old" stock heads. Another thing which could be causing your problem is rocker arms. I know this seems a stupid question but are you running the same style rockers on both sides of that engine? Also are your valve spring pressures the same on all springs on both heads? Rocker arms that can bind at the slot and higher valve spring pressures are 2 other factors that can contribute to studs pulling. The head on question could have also been on an engine that has run pretty hot at some point in time. Just a few thoughts. Hope this helps.

posted July 21, 2003 07:26 AM
Or you could go out and buy a set of the screw in studs with out the shoulder bolt on them. Once installed they look just like stock studs.
I think the studs are like 10.00 through midwest for 16 of them.
Just my .02 worth.

posted July 21, 2003 06:20 PM
The studs Bruce mentioned look just like stock studs they would have to double nut them and try to pull them to ever find it....Just my opinion but this rule is hurting more guys than it is helping but Im not writing the rules....Towman

posted July 21, 2003 06:40 PM
I have been told several times that using the guided rocker arms on heads(or valves rather) that were not designed for them was a no no, the exact reason eludes me right noww, but I believe you are on the right track with the bind though.

posted July 22, 2003 07:45 PM
The binding is caused by the pushrod being indexed in 2 diff. possitions, 1 the slot in head or guide plate and 2 the rocker arm, I would say ditch the rail type rockers.

Josh K.

Ryan Lingner
posted July 22, 2003 07:58 PM
The oversized studs will be fine. They make them .002 and .003 as well. Check for proper fit before trying to install. Forcing more interference fit than designed will cash it a head fast.

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