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Author Topic:   More Ford Questions
posted July 14, 2003 09:00 PM
you are using a couple of the tools whenever you check out this site. I myself also keep a current subscription to circle track and stock car magazines. If you want books check out Steve Smith autosports.As for your Fix Or Repair Daily, you're trying to race a tank brother that thing has to weih close to 2 tons.I raced one in the cruiser class myself wasn't bad but for ss racing you are giving up alot. Do yourself a favor and get a mid eighties Thunderbird and put the front clip off that Marquis under it. When I used to race in Iowa there were 2 T'birds with that same setup that used to kick A$$. This setup widens the front wheel track considerably which produces greater corner handling. A Ford guy may be able to explain it better. I'm forever a GM Man and not willijn to change. Hope this helps and gives you some motivation to keep learning.

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Big Bear

posted July 16, 2003 02:25 PM
I race a 84 Crown Vic that has been shortened to 108" wheelbase, put a Cougar body on it, a 395 ci. (.040 over 3.85 stroke) with ported D0OE heads, stock cast iron intake and exhaust manifolds. Yhe car works great since I put it on scales, and our track champion had the same frame set-up as mine with a 429 bick block. Properly set-up, these cars are as fast as any stinkin chevy.

posted July 18, 2003 01:43 AM
i am a ford guy at hart as well....
i run a ltd chassis, ford used the smae frame and suspension from 1979 clear through 1999 and maybe current, not sure cause i haven't looked at anything newer than the 1999.. the front suspension on this frame is almost identical to the suspension on those metric montey carlos. this ford frame is under the ltd, marquis, crown vic. i have been useing one of these frames for 4 years now and my car handles like a dream... the suspension on it is all factory other than i put a one inch spacer under the left rear spring.. i have never scaled it because it handles so well. and i am racing against guys here that have racing springs, digital scales, and still am in the top 3 when the checkers fall...
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posted July 18, 2003 10:30 AM
Somebody better start washing there cars all my chevys smell sweet.....It amazes me how theres always somebody wanting to cut something down and cobble something together to run a F**D against are chevys....Keep up the hard work and maybe youll get there someday...(just had to have a little fun).....Towman

posted July 18, 2003 10:41 AM
Once again we listen to coments about what we run.I run a 77 ltd frame shortened to 109"347 ci runnin against big 400 chevies and kickin a$$.The only ones beating me this year are the mega buck cars.It takes 10,000---12,000 bowtie motor to beat my 3,000 top to bottom blue oval motor.I have a couple mid 80s cr vics to use if this one gets trashed but they are made a bit different up front so I will use what I have until I have to switch to the cr. vic. As with any car you have to trim all the extra weight off you can and go out and have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!Oh big bear it also means First On Race Day

posted July 18, 2003 12:10 PM
Well it looks like the Ford guys gotta a couple of bee's under their bonnets. I think this is why I'm labeled an instigator at work.

After checking out the replies to this post I can see that if I ever would race a Ford I would need to invest in a good plasma cutter and a welder as it looks like I'm gonna be doing alot of frame refabrication, if I wanna go fast that is.

All I was saying to Hobby62 is that the wheel base of that car is too long and an 81 Grand Marquis is a tank man . That is why I suggested that he take that front clip and fit it to a mid 80's Squawkin Chicken.

I should be commended for trying to give the competition some advice. But then again there is a spot in my heart for the underdog.

It seems to me that if you want a Ford to go fast it's gonna take alot of work, alot more than my Monte anyways

All in good fun guys Run what you like, But make mine Chevy and my wallet will be fatter for it

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Big Bear

posted July 18, 2003 08:45 PM
Ford Translator:

Input= Bowties,100 years of winning
Output=Bowties,100 years of whining


Input=All in good fun guys Run what you like, But make mine Chevy and my wallet will be fatter for it

Output=I'll spend every nickel I have on cheater parts so I can go faster than all these other Chevy and whine to the tech guy that the Ford guys are Cheating.

Just funnin ya ;-)

posted July 20, 2003 12:43 AM
Right on 4d . And big bear I race a ford and win I pull it with a dodge and I make a living working on chevies.

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