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Author Topic:   First night in a car
posted July 12, 2003 07:49 PM
We finally made the jump! After 6 years in a kart and 1-1/2 years building a car my son finally got his first night on the track with other cars. It was one of the greatest moments we have had together in his 12 years.
With that out of the way we did have a problem. We run at Malden Speedway in SEMO and they had watered the track for 2 days. We have been to practice but have never ran on a "MUDDY" track and it was muddy in the heat. I know my son drove to hard in the heat and did not race the track like he knows how to but I was wandering what changes can be made to the car when it is muddy and slick like snot? We later started 10th in the B-MAIN and he ran his race and worked his way up to 6th by the end. Driving like I know he could.
During his heat I would say he had "BUCK FEVER" if we were using hunting terms.
Can't wait until Friday!!!
Thanks Happy Dad

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