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Author Topic:   hobby stock tires
posted July 06, 2003 01:05 AM
I run imca hobby stock, and I use 205/75/15 tires, I have all 75 series tires, but wondering if change all to 70 series will make much of a difference? I run a very dry slick track. thanks Marcus

posted July 06, 2003 08:34 AM
if you ran the same gear it would be worse if you went to the 70 series it would drop your roll down about 2 inches causeing you to turn more rpm wich inturn makes it more likley that you will spin the tires off the corner. tread width wise the gain is only about 1/2 in so it's not that much of a difference myself i run a 70lr and 75 rr on a heavy and 75's strtaight across on dry but we don't have to have all tires the same like imca does

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