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Author Topic:   70s chevelle
justin sane
posted July 02, 2003 01:17 AM
the 8 lug wheels means it has a 3/4 or 1 ton truck rear end,this was the hot set up years ago not sure on the front maybe truck spindles and rotors.

posted July 02, 2003 02:51 PM
Those older Chevelle stubs work well, but getting A-arm lowers for it now isnt easy.

justin sane
posted July 02, 2003 03:16 PM
if you like the car just put a 9 inch in and sell the truck rearend to finance for the front a lot of spindles will work with the right ball joints and a reamer look on the mod posts they do this a lot.

posted July 04, 2003 12:36 PM
if it was me i'd buy it and take it to a local old car show or vintage race in your area and try to make a buck or two out of it and build a newer car .
them old timers will pay good money for an older car and even more if you can prove the history behind it also depending on how old it is and the tubing used it might not be the safest thing around it may look good on the outside but if it ever got moisture inside that tubing it could be rusted down to nothing inside there and you would never know. last just like you said finding a donor car for body and suspention parts is gonna be hard to do and cost you more then it should for a dirt car to get them i'd bet you could build almsot 2 metric chassis for what you will spend tring to convert that thing over to todays snuff

posted July 05, 2003 08:50 AM
I would be afraid, if in your position, that I would spend a lot of time, and a buttload of $, on a car that wouldn't be allowed to race in the division I had targeted.

neil rucker
posted July 17, 2003 09:29 PM
eljojo and everyone else is pretty much right. ive done it myself a couple times. if you have a vintage racer , you may have something. also, early 60s pontiacs sometimes came with massive alum. drums and 8 lug hubs. this was popular here around atlanta, ga maybe 30 years ago. this stuff is almost non existant now. something to check into. neil

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