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Author Topic:   Front Spring Rates
Scott H
posted June 22, 2003 04:45 PM
Yes please suggest the front spring rates of a 3200 lb. factory stock that at this time has a push at turn entry. The spring rates on my fairly new purchased car is unknown. Also besides spring rate how is the installtion of a aftermarket spring. All I have now is what looks to be a heavier truck springs mounted with the flat side(ground side) up in the frame and the other end sitting on a cast alum. piece that is a dished out spacer to make it sit level in the lower a-arm, which the alum. spacer broke and made the spring get into the shock. So which way does the new spring set, flat side up or down? Do you use a spring spacer as shown in all of the parts books and if so how and where does this spring spacer mount(top or bottom of spring)(big end of spacer over spring or inside of spring). Please be detailed with installation information. Thanks

posted June 22, 2003 06:39 PM
OK the ground end goes up and the pigtail goes down. Turn the spring in the control arm until the pigtail hits a raised part in the lower control arm which is where the factory designed it to sit. I think you probably have junk shock on the right front bottoming out causing the car to turn into a sled on entry. Try a 13 and 11 on the rf and lf respectively. 75 shock on rf and 73 on the left. Put two inches of stagger in the front and back with your biggest tire on the rf. That should give you a pretty good base assuming your caster and camber are right. Hope this helps.

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