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Author Topic:   testing carb flow
posted June 17, 2003 09:57 PM
Can anyone tell me how to go about checking to see how well a carb actually flows? Would most machine shops be able to test them? Or would we have to send it to a carb place?

posted June 18, 2003 09:30 AM
Only someone with a flow bench of sufficient capacity can flow carbs. A carburetor flow bench generally has more power than a "regular" flow bench, and the best flow benches are what is termed "wet flow" benches where fuel circuits are flowed, measured, and calibrated as well.
And not ALL carb shops will have a flow bench, either. Many of the better ones do, or will at least send their work to others and have 'em flowed.
There are mathematical calculations that can be done based on many measurements, but they are usually for just "baselines" and won't get you real life cfm numbers.
And one other note, just to quantify things, the Superflow SF1200 flow bench set up fully for carb work runs for about $13-$15k....and that's still a "dry" bench not the wet flow bench I mentioned above.

Hope it helps,

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