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Author Topic:   Questions :)
posted June 16, 2003 08:29 AM
Hi Tom, I guess they're called metrics because GM must of believed the govt. that the country was going metric and they put metric fasteners on the cars. Go figure somebody believed our goverment!!!!! Anyway if you go metric, go to Wallyworld and get the Popular Mechanic brand of tools, worked great for me!..loojack

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posted June 16, 2003 05:16 PM
Street class rules are different where-ever you go. Sometimes different tracks within the same area have different rules and regs. 1st thing I would do is decide which track or tracks I was going to race. Get a copy of the rules and know them inside and out. 2nd go to someone in the area that either builds these cars as a living or latch onto someone currently racing in the class you want to race. Racers love to show off their knowledge and love free help. Learn everything you can from them. 3rd Put off spending the money until you are confident in your decision-making. You'd be amazed the number of people who spend their money based on the way they THINK things should be instead of the way they ARE. If you start now, you'll have a much better idea of the real world of dirt track racing, before that little baby is born and might pick up a good car cheap along the way.

posted June 16, 2003 08:22 PM
I agree with racer038, but When I got started in IMCA stock, I was just 16. I went to the track on practice day (free admision) and talked to some of the drivers and found out the local builders that could help me out. Another idea is to go in the pits on raceday. But, there is more time on practice day, and the drivers will be more helpful then.

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