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Author Topic:   chassis setup...what will this do?
posted June 12, 2003 01:19 PM
We run a metric chassis with a 3400 lb weight minimum on a slightly banked (12 deg I think) track that from week to week you never know whether it will be mud, good, or dry slick. Here is how we break down:

Total weight 3450 full of gas
Left 54%
Rear 51.3%
Cross 50.5%

LF 1050
RF 1200
LR 250
RR 200

I need more spring in the right rear for this heavy of a car, and need to loosen the car up a little bit. I would really like to put a 300 lb spring on the LR and move the 250 to the RR, but the local shop doesn't have any. They suggested for this week swapping the rear springs? Would this work? My other option is I have a 350 lb spring that they had on the clearance rack. Would I be better off putting that on the left rear with 250 on the RR? I'd appreciate some insight. Thanks.


posted June 12, 2003 01:54 PM
John; I think 54% left is a little high unless the track is REALLY dry slick. I would try 52%ls or so.With the high roll center of a three link car 50-75# of spring split (heavier on the left) is good. Why do you think you need a heavier rr spring, is the shock bottoming out? Take cross weight out of the car, or add stagger to loosen it up.

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