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Author Topic:   Wheel offsets
posted June 09, 2003 11:28 PM
Got asked about the wheel offsets I'm using, and the question was asked "would going from a 4" offset to a 2" offset increase or decrease the weight on that tire?" And I realized that I really didn't know what effect it has weight wise. But now it's got me wondering, which is it? Thanks.

posted June 10, 2003 07:48 AM
RangeRover thank you for correcting his terminology. I had a friend that was telling me he had a 4 inch offset wheel on his car.
I was telling him no way as it would be hanging way out. The correct term is 4 inch backspace. Measured from the back of the rim to the mounting plate. Offset is from center of the rim to the mounting plate.
If you have a 10 inch wheel with a 4inch backspace. You have a +1 inch offset.
If you had 6inch backspace that would be -1inch offset. So obviously 5 inch backspace would be 0 offset.

Jason Boivin

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