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Author Topic:   carb problem help PLEASE!!!
posted June 02, 2003 11:03 PM
I am having a big problem with loading up the plugs on starts,really bad,here is some motor info:

Chevy 350,keith black Hyperteck pistons,461 double hump heads,202 vavles,about a .540 cam,1.5 roller rockers 36 degrees of timing,stock 4 barrel cast iron intake,1" adaptor for carb

I run the "street version" of the holley 750 double pumper,its mechinal sec.,I run 79 jets in front,83 in back,its almost on the verge of lean,

Iv never had this problem till this year,Also this year I had to change jets for this new motor,burned a piston 2nd nite out.

I put a smaller power vavle,went from a 65 to a 55,dunno if that helped,got taken out so never go to mash down on a start on a track that didnt have standing water.

When I punch the gas it falls on its face untill it gets up in rpm,almost from like 2,000-3500 rpm it will just fall on its face.Im in a very close point battle for the point lead,and hate to spend 1/2 the year on trying a million different things.

If you need this nfo,I run a torque tube,and a carter fuel pump,big fuel lines and a fuel log.

posted June 03, 2003 09:10 AM
79 on the front is really rich,the most i could run was 72 and that was on the verge of loading up,you must have a fuel delivery problem in the fuel lines filter pump etc,or a restriction somewhere in the carb.

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