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Author Topic:   ACE 10.5 clutch and flywheel from JR motorSports
posted May 27, 2003 12:04 PM
I bouth the light wiegth cluthc and flywheel setups from JR motor sports made by ace clutches and also my buddy did. We are both having problems with them slipping any info or concerns would help. No oil leaks, 2 diffrent cluth throwout bearing setups under 300 hp street stock. It looks like the disc are only touching with 1/3 of the pads. whats the deal. ANYONE PLEASE

posted May 27, 2003 09:10 PM
need to know what throw out bearing set up you have--it sounds like you may just need to adjust it. are you using a push/pull type slave cylinder, or manual linkage. if using a hydraulic t/o bearing you may need to shim it--good luck!

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