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Author Topic:   front stagger?
posted May 20, 2003 02:26 AM
hello out there.Great site here.I learn something new everytime I log on.I race on a 3/8 mile track with good banking.Rear stagger is 2 inches on rollout (215 and 235 l+r).Front right tire is bigger than the rears(265) and LF is a 215 tire,and is weather checked and needs replacing. I bought the car set up like this last year and drove it 5 nights with a weak 305 motor and could drive it floored all the way around.Just put in a fresh 350 and have no idea how it will drive.Any good starting points for size and pressures? Thanks,Elvis

OK wait a minute . I went out to look at the car closer and found the right front tire is a 14 inch 245 and that changes everything. The actual runouts are left side 82 inches,RR 78" and RF 80 inches.Does this sound right.Also the car is a 72 Pontiac Ventura/Nova hybrid with a welded diff.Thanks again!

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posted May 20, 2003 11:32 PM
need to know how tight the turns are before you know how much stagger you should have. I would say if the turn is pretty tight like most tracks with high bank you would want 3-4 inches in the rear and about 2 in the front. This depends on if your car is set up right though. You can adjust stagger to compensate for a handleing problem if needed. more front stagger will loosen you up coming in and more rear will loosen you up coming off.

posted May 21, 2003 07:58 AM
On our car we run even up to an inch in the front for stagger in the heat race and we run 1-2.5 inches of stagger in rear. For the feature we run 1-2 inches of stagger in the front and .5-1.5 inches in the rear. This frees up the car in the heat race and tightens it up in the feature. Front stagger just increases your cross weight less decreases your amount of cross weight. More rear stagger helps the car turn comming off the corners. Less stagger keeps the car from being loose off when it is dryer.

Hope this helps.

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