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Author Topic:   Carburator
posted May 18, 2003 03:27 PM
That question is impossible to answer since there are at least 4 different size Motorcraft 2bbl carbs. They also require the use of Motorcraft jets which have a different thread and sizing than either Rochester jets or Holley jets. With some fancy machine work, Holley jets can be used in the Motorcraft/Autolite 2bbls, but again, there is no way to tell you what jet to run unless we know what 2bbl carb it is, as well as how the rest of the carb is built and set up.

Sorry for not being able to provide more info.


posted May 18, 2003 06:18 PM
i have a 750cfm motorcraft 2bbl (1 3/4 butterflys) and it is tapped for holley jets and i run anywhere from 88s in a 355 to 92s in a 383.


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