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Author Topic:   First time winner
posted May 18, 2003 10:34 AM
Congrats Nyhick the first is always the sweetest and it makes all the time and effort worth the trouble. Eddie

nate 11
posted May 18, 2003 09:57 PM
way to go. still looking for my first.

good luck happy racing...

posted May 18, 2003 10:29 PM
Backwoods, thanks for encouraging words. It was truly a great feeling getting the first one under my belt. Having you guys there cheering me on and shaking my hand afterwords really made me feel like one of the guys. The most special thing was that my father was there for it. He only gets out once in a while because he has been recently diagnosed with Lupis and cant get around well anymore. I cant wait to get the video!!! Considering what I have to work with and having no crew to help out, I think I have gotten very lucky so far this year. I hope my luck doesnt run out anytime soon. Maybe I'll have a trailer this week . Thanks again Backwoods, you made my night. By the way, hope you got some of my luck for this weekend. Good luck, see ya Sat....

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