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Author Topic:   Need engine building tips
posted May 11, 2003 10:59 PM
I race a factory stock at a 3/8, semi-banked track. I currently run a 350/ .030/ with 60cc 305 heads. I run with a 6.50 final.The feature is always dry slick. For some odd reason, I haven't been able to pull more than 6100 RPM. Last year I pulled 6700 with everything exactly as it was last night out last year. I was floating valves last weekend at 5800 so I had heads redone and new valve springs. I'm not floating valves anymore, but 6100 is it! I'm thinking that maybe the cam is dead. The cam I've been running is a .488 lift w/.286 dur. I'm in the process of building a new engine. This combo is all I've ever ran. My question is, has anyone else ever ran this combo with any success and if so, what cam should I run to be more competitive.

posted May 12, 2003 09:56 AM
First off ditch the 305 heads I wish you hadnt just spent money on them they wont flow good enough on the longer tracks. As for the cam I would look at something around 510 lift and 254 at .050 Will your rules allow you to run camel humps or the new vortecs those are the best stock heads you can get Ive ran the 305s on a very short 1/4 mile track and did ok but I like the others a lot better.Hope this helps...Towman

posted May 12, 2003 10:53 AM
what head number are you running cause 305 heads dont flow that well! have they been ported?

posted May 12, 2003 08:49 PM
Thanks for the info. I occasionally do race at a 1/4 mile track and the engine seemed to perform better there with the 305 heads. I did put a set of double humps on once when I just raced at the small track and it didn't seem to perform as well as the 305's. But now that I run most of the time at the 3/8 mile, I had noticed that the motor just seemed to lay down at the end of the straights. Back to the humps I go! Thanks again.

posted May 12, 2003 09:17 PM
hey troy. when you're ready for a new set of heads, try a set of vortec heads with the appropriate cast iron 4 bbl. intake manifold. i read a flow test in one of the magazines a while back. a vortec head outflowed a chevrolet bowtie head.

a 305 head will be in the hunt at ccs because it comes off the corner better, but at tulsa, a 305 head just doesn't have the legs to get down those long straights. a double hump will be better and a vortec is even better yet.

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