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Author Topic:   Rules
posted May 11, 2003 03:59 PM
Just wanted to get an idea of what everyone had for basic rules. Here is some of our rules:

Body: Factory stock appearing

Chassis: Factory stock including mounts

Suspension: Stock location, ft.shocks:
Stock bottom mount

Engine: 406 cid max, 750 carb max,
Any dual plenum intake

Drivetrain: Triple disk Clutch allowed
Stock Tranny w/ working rev
Stock rear, 9" ford allowed

Weight: 3100 lbs

Wheels: 10" wide max, no bead locks
can reinforce with rerod

Tires: Any 1100 series tire

Brakes: Working brakes on all four
Dual master cylinder allowed
No driver adjustable brakes

That is the basics...
I would like to get an idea of the different rules out there because we are trying to get a few rules changed to make life a little easier on us. There are a few of us that would like to get the chassis rules opened up a little bit. Plus we would like to run floaters and bead lock for the RR. any thoughts, or other ideas on some of your rules? thanks, kip

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