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Author Topic:   Driver Question
posted May 01, 2003 11:33 PM
Ok I have been driving a couple years on dirt track and lets face it I started with a very nice car but it just is not a front runner but I am making some changes and should be running with the big dogs soon! I really think that I am a good driver but here is my question. I have been running at the back of the pack(wrong gears and tranny but have the go fast parts on the way)and I am getting the crap pounded out of me, I mean I am getting practically ran over and taking some hard hits from the back! Does it get any better when you can run with them? I mean I know there are wrecks and rubbing is racing but man I am going to need a chiorpractor after another weekend like the last?

posted May 01, 2003 11:41 PM
Sometimes it seems a faster car will help get you out of bad situations,if you have a slower car you can't avoid anything because you are just hanging on,much less able to pick a different line to avoid something,also a horse of a motor will help the same way but can also cause you to get into trouble quicker,my advice is to try to run lower on the track if you are going to be bumped,that way you will be far from the wall and closer to the infield if you need a way out of harms way.

The Big Dawg
posted May 02, 2003 10:39 AM
whitelightning,the faster cars up front usually have more experienced drivers racing them,the farther back in the field you go the more inexperienced drivers you have,which I am saying they have less seat time,and they dont have their cars handling probably the way they should so they are outta control.So the better you run and get closer to the front the less likely you are to get cracked.But sometimes you have a couple of dumb***** on the track who seem to get off on tearing other guys cars up.There seems to be a couple of ways to deal with these types of drivers,either put them in the wall,and hurt there pocket book,or go down to there pits and give them a good ole *** kicking,and hope you dont go to jail.

posted May 02, 2003 10:44 AM
with time comes speed but do not get intimidated by others but do give respect if you get the lap sign hold your line and do not stray. If they are that much faster they can get around without you going up or down the track. A lot of times moving to let them around can cause more damage than holding your line. BObby

posted May 02, 2003 10:48 AM
when my car is not up to par I always hold my line and stay low and always no where I am but I really think we have some bad drivers cause they cant even pass a slow car with out knocking the crap out of it but hopefully they will have to catch me from now own to hit me lol

redneck racing
posted May 02, 2003 11:21 AM
You'll find out some guys will do it for kicks, some just cant drive in my opinnion, I had a guy one weekend take me on the inside he ran into me the whole nine yards( couldnt pass me clean)he tried it the next weekend and I put him in the infield. Drive clean your gonna have some rubbin but the on purpose stuff is uncalled for. Eddie

posted May 02, 2003 11:32 AM
Having the right gear makes all the difference in the world.If you get the reputation as wild and unpredictable the faster cars may not count on you holding a line and just move you out of the way.Look at there situation they may be leading the race and second place is on there *** you wouldnt want a lap car trying to block you then would you? It takes time and a lot of money but your conserne sounds like you are learning already...Hope this helps...Towman

Winland Racing
posted May 02, 2003 02:14 PM
I have run numerous enduros over the years. If I can run with the BIG DAWGS then I do, if not then I drive more defensively and try to run the line that they arent. We often have well over 50-75 cars a race and 200 laps. This is what has worked for me. Of course, if they are picking on you then you may need to develop a slight push as soon as they try to run you off the track, watch them spin. That usualy works also. Good luck!