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Author Topic:   what do i do?
posted April 17, 2003 09:00 PM
How to drive the car will change from week to week and depends on how you like it. I dont think there is an answer for you because everyone is differnet. Yeah, setting the car is great if the car allows you to. If my car is tight in then I like to stay outside and try to muscle it through the corner without coming up into someone and causing a wreck. If I am loose I like to hug the inside and just feather it around protecting my line making people pass me on the outside. If the car is good then I just go like a sum bich where every I can squeeze. Remember to be safe and respect others especially in your first year. Enemies take you out of more races than does faulty equipment if you dont make some friends first.

posted April 18, 2003 12:56 AM
There is no other feeling like the first time of door to door competition. When they are lining you up for the start,you will feel your right leg get the shakes from nerves and bead of sweat that rolls down the side of your face. Then the biggest smile breaks out that nobody will ever see becuse it is hid behind that helment as the cars roll out on the parade lap.

Then you are in your own element,you and your race car,as one unit. Now it comes time for that brain,right foot and steering wheel to become poetry in motion.

Do not flip out when the field take off from you,most of the racers will have already gone what you are now going thru.

As the field rolls around for the parade lap,the track will never look the same to you again. The straightaways look short and the corners look wide,but chances are the corners will be tight,and the tuffest and longest racing of the night for you will be on the straights.

Watch at least 3 cars ahead of you,but keeping eyes and ears open on the car next to you and the right in front of you.

Right away you want to be as fast as the guy next to you,but when the corner comes up,most likely you won't be as fast because you haven't learned how to turn the car,and turning the car in all 4 corners will not be the same.

To learn for you might to be a follower for a lap or so. Watch what the car is doing in front of you,watch where he is on the track,but stay on him. Don't allow yourself to fall way back. Your frame of mind reenforces that you and your car are as good or better than anyone else on the track.

Time will allow you to be more aggressive from week to week. You will make mistakes until you learn the track and learn what your car can do and can not do.

All this happens in less than 10 minutes....isn't life great!

posted April 18, 2003 06:16 AM
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, i'm in the same boat as bryan. i remember the first time i nailed my snowmobile coming out of a corner and that inside ski came off the ground. what a rush. gould.

You know when you have had a good night dirt racing when you jump in the shower and the tub is muddy brown for the first 10 minutes.

posted April 18, 2003 08:03 AM
You're getting some good advice here (as USUAL for this forum). When I started, it was on asphalt, and they told me not to slide, go to the corner and slow down and drive off....Well welcome to DIRT big boy---ya can throw that kinda thinking out the window!
If you've done a good job on your hot rod, especially in the suspension and set-up, you will have a blast! Take her out in hot laps and tag on to the tail of the field. When they drop the green-put the furthest pedal to the right ALL THE WAY DOWN. Drive into the corner until you think you see Jesus and then count to three. Lift right foot. Now, if you've got it right, the rear of the car will roll up and set. Plant right foot on loud pedal ALL THE WAY DOWN. repeat this proscess twice per lap
Do not be intimidated by the guys on the hill who, after watching you hot laps, tell you that you've got to drive it in a little deeper. You soon will.
Then, when you think you've got the hang of it, the track will dry out and you'll have to use the middle pedal and put an egg under the throttle.....that's where they separate the men from the boys.
Above all, first and foremost, have fun! Don't tear your stuff up and don't tear anybody elses stuff up. Take a look up in the stands and see if some other feller has the seat you used to set in. That's the point where I thank God for giving me the opportunity to do the work to fulfill this dream.
I'll be looking for your post in the "How'd Ya Do" thread.

posted April 18, 2003 10:20 AM
the driving style depends on the car and track also i run a small 1/2 miles med back with sweeping corners in my metric car all i have to do is lift turn to the left just a tad bit and mash it to get the rear end to come around counter steer and just feather it tell i'm headed straight again and then give it as much gas as the track can handle thats on a tacky or wet track tho dry slick is something different all together. on dry alot of times slow is fast.just depends on your set up. but keep in mind your more than likely not going to win the first nite out, you don't get any money for leading the race into the first turn, and drive with your noodle not your poodle lol

neil rucker
posted April 18, 2003 10:42 PM
eljojo, as usual we were thinking the exact same thing!

posted April 18, 2003 11:00 PM
All excellent advice, this is my first year too, and i've been in 2 races and about 4 practices, and every time i go out on the track i feel a little more confident than the last. BE PATIENT!! It will all come to ya eventually. As for racin door to door with someone... there really is nothin like it, WOW!!

posted April 19, 2003 08:28 PM
Just wanted to add something that helped me a bit. My first time out was during a practice night. I kept going out and making laps and all seemed alright. One of the times I came back to the pits, a guy I knew who worked on a late model car asked me if I had found the "edge" yet. I replied "I don't think so?", not really knowing what he meant. He then asked flatly if I had spun it out yet. I answered no. He said "you haven't found the edge yet, go find it and spin it out".

Well, I went back out and I really started pushing it hard. Pushing it to the point of looping it around in the corner. It made me feel like a bit of a clown, but I got the car turned around and sped off again, looping it again in the next corner.

I had found the edge and from that point on I was able to recognize, by the feeling of the car, when I was almost at that point, doing my best to push the edge without going over it. It sounds stupid and easy but it helped me.

Something that hurt me in that same practice. There were almost no other factory stocks there and they loaded up to go home early. I was left practicing with modifieds and late models. It was unnerving to say the least to try to keep tabs of where they were on the track with me. The last thing I wanted was to wreck a late model. By being my first time out though, when a late model would blow past me I would try to drive his line and stay with him, doing what he did. Not advisable. Factory stocks are not late models and no matter how much you want your car to drive like theirs appear to drive, it ain't gonna happen... their different beasts.

The other thing I would encourage is starting tail-back the first few races out.

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