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Author Topic:   check this out
posted April 15, 2003 07:59 PM
Last Friday was opening night 3 days before there was snow on the ground.Heard alot of *****in about the huge rocks and chunks of cement that was on and in the track.They opened anyway there where ruts 1 foot deep in the turns and the ground was soft yet.You all who live in the north know what I'm talking about.All pre-season practices where cancelled due to inclimate weather.The track was the worst its ever been .I'll get to the point we run our feature and I had trouble breathing at times thought it was a age thing but figured out after talking to others that had the same problems so we decided it was from getting slamed around by the ruts.At the end of the feature we where heading off the track and one guy pulled over to the rail and stopped .later his car came in with the top cut off and they said he messed his back up.The next day I called one of his crew and found out that he was in Chicago had surgery the dr. said that he thought getting jarred in the car caused a blood clot to come loose then he had a stroke and on the way the the hospital he had a heart attack there not sure of his future yet he's still hanging on .we'll hope for the best.I think its a bunch of crap what these asholes want us to run on ,totally stupid.

posted April 15, 2003 08:26 PM
When it comes to your safety,you are the one that is in charge. One part of a racer is a factor of being bulletproof,but our body can only take so much. That is where sometimes our macho pride gets in the way of making a sound choice.

I had back fusion and I take many precautions,but I know the risks. I wear a motocross back brace and always a neck brace.

I feel for a racer that gets injuried,especically when measures could have been taken to prevent injury. Years back around these parts we had a racer paint his late model that morning of the races,came and raced,won the feature,and shortly after died from the affects of the Imron paint that he had used to paint the car. Again,we take way to much for granted. A simple paint mask may may saved his life,but who is to know.
When it comes to track conitions,and a safety factor is involved,you the racer are in charge. Without the race cars there are no races. Strength is in numbers,and racers must unite when something is wrong.

posted April 16, 2003 02:16 PM
Who's stupid? The guy who tells you to do something you think is dangerous or you when you do something against your better judgement?

The most important piece of safety equipment is your own brain.

As racers, we have to take responsability for ourselves.

posted April 16, 2003 06:30 PM
I used to race predominantly on pavement, and only occasionally, borrow a set of dirt wheels and tires to "play" in the mud. It took considerable effort to prep the car for a night of dirt racing. I'd made the changes and drove out onto the absolute worst racing surface I'd ever seen! Like dirtracer7 said, there were ruts and chunk holes and shale rocks as big as softballs flying around. I had this little voice inside my head say "this ain't too smart" But I didn't listen. I tore my car all to pieces! Luckily no one was hurt, but from that day forward I LISTEN for that voice.
Promoters have grandstands full of paying customers-do you think for a minute they'd be saying,"No racing tonight. I haven't got a safe track to race on"?

posted April 16, 2003 06:55 PM
Western auto how many times have you refused to run or trailered your car before the big race? the biggest problem is getting everybody to stand together.Racing doesn't have to be a death defying stunt.We are supposed to have fun. If they would have canceled the day before there wounld't have been a people in the stands to explain anything to.Have you ever did something and wondered why you did it afterwards?Are you stupid for doing it or are you unaware of whats ahead for you.Even if you get to run the track right where you want to it doesn't guaentee what the dude next to you is going to do the same thing.Its time to go get ready for this friday.

rico 08
posted April 16, 2003 07:05 PM
If there was even a slight chance of rain i bet they would not have raced,it's all about the fans and more importantly their money,if the stands are full they don't care what you do to yourself or you're car.On the imron paint i sold it for years and you can't even paint it with a mask you need a full breathing apparatus,one guy i knew painted with all the proper safety stuff except he had on shorts(STUPID!)and he almost died,it will absorb thru you're skin and kill you.

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