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Author Topic:   what springs and wheels to run?
posted April 13, 2003 11:06 PM
Well Im not an expert but what I would start out with is :rf 1200, lf 1000, rr 250, lr 275. That might not be the optimum set-up but with 3off wheels all the way around that ought to get you through the corner providing that all of your front-end settings are close and your chassis is square.

Hope this helps

2002 H.O.T. Street Stock Champion
M&R Racing

posted April 14, 2003 06:46 AM
This is not tried yet, but i'm also running a metric Cutlass on a 1/2 mile.
My car is set-up with
1,100 RF
900 LF
225 RR
300 LR
Running slightly lighter springs on the front, but we did keep the sway bar on.

I haven't bought the rims yet, this will be determined by your track conditions,
I don't have my set-up sheet i'm thinking I was going with (dry slick feature)
2" RF
3" LF
4" RR
3" LR
I also bought a 1" spacer for the rear to switch between the two sides, wet and tacky on the RR.

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