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Author Topic:   Metric Super Stock Springs Set Up?
posted April 06, 2003 02:43 PM
All Right Gang,
I have changed from Asph. to Dirt track car because I moved. (And also I have changed cars.) I now have a Metric/G Body Racer and I have read on what some of you guys said about "Stock Appear" Springs. The track is 6 degree banked dirt track Med tacky with the usuall ruts as the night goes on. Tires are Towel City/Goodyears recaps. Engine has been set back about 3".
Now for the question... (And this is for the true racers; Not bench racers.) I'm in the mid west and I won't be traveling to any of your guys tracks. What are your guys suggestions for front and rear springs and what tire off sets are you using with those set ups?
You can either reply here or e-mail me @
Thanks for your time,

Hi Guys,
I have an 86 Olds Cutlass/#3600 Dirt track car... I need some suggestions and tricks to help make it handle better on a 3/8 mile med. tacky dirt track. The track has tight corners and 6 degrees banking. Right now we use 8" rims (Max. Track rules) with 3" back spaceing on the right and 4" back spaceing on the left. We do use about 2"-3" stagger on the rear.
HEY! If any of you winning racers have some hot tips then E-Mail me at:
Thanks for looking and reading,

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