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Author Topic:   3 speed help
posted April 02, 2003 11:36 PM
I know yall probly getting tired of all my questions but I have another. What all do I need to go from a automatic to a 3 speed? I am completly iliterate with manual trannies. I want to know what I am looking for. So a good list of parts I will need would help and if yall have done it is it hard and did it pay off over the auto, again I have had no problem with the auto just looking for power? Thanks all

redneck racing
posted April 03, 2003 12:09 AM
Hey lightning im going from a 3 speed to a powerglide to lighten up the car. Both have pros and cons. Eddie

posted April 03, 2003 08:39 AM
I did this swap last year on a 79' camaro street stock. It is a pain in the **** if you dont have the money to just go get the stuff. I searched all over to get the parts I needed, but then again, camaro parts are getting scarce. You will need the following.... 1. tranny 2. different drive shaft 3. clutch pedal assembly 4. clutch linkage (hardest for me to find) 5. shifter. ......I bought a shifter from day motorsports, but I had to make mods to the floor pan and tranny tunnel so I just went and got a stock shifter. I will say the swap was worth the money and work. I can pop start the car if I have to, and "clutch it" off the start to get the rpms up if I want. I dont think youll be disappointed......good luck!

posted April 03, 2003 09:35 AM
Unlike Redneck I went from the glide to the 3 speed. Yes the 3 speed is heavier but I feel they are more reliable. Also in addition to what NYhick said you will need a manual flywheel, pressure plate, pilot bushing, throw out bearing, and of course the clutch disc itself. If there are any more question just ask....

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