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Author Topic:   rules enforced????
posted April 02, 2003 09:38 PM
I race at Fonda Speedway in upstate NY. The first line of the street stock rules says "This class is designed for entry level racers only, those with previous experience will not be allowed to participate......." To make a long story short, we have racers from the modified and sportsman divisions entering every year. This year is no different. A driver who has raced sportsman for 10+ years is going to race in our division this year. We have guys with $10,000 motors in a "stock" class. Sure we have the $300 claimer, but no one does it because everyone gets fighting over it like children. We have a chevy lumina racing in our class when the rule states the car must be rear wheel drive....and it has a 350 in it too... I have never seen a lumina with rear wheel or V8. Keep in mind these are street cars, not the prefab race cars. If you would believe, I got DQ'd last year because I got into a wreck in the main and pushed my front clip back causing my wheel base to be 1" too short on the pass side. I guess what I am getting at is.... does any one else face these problems with rule enforcment or is it just the boobs at my track. I'm getting a little fed up with the favoritism and non-enforcment. I almost cant afford to compete anymore and this is the stock class...........NYhick

posted April 02, 2003 09:56 PM
"BIG" problem down south right now.

posted April 03, 2003 12:05 AM
The track that I raced at has this problem also. I lost the points championship over it last year. The guy that beat me was running a 408 in a bomber. I took a couple nites off so I caused part of it myself. But when the fifth place car went to claim the winner, the track put everything on hold. Then after the crowd had left and the races were over, they deemed him the winner anyway, saying that the fifth place guy wasn't running competitively. He my have not been racing for first, but **** fifth is pretty competitive if you ask me. I ended up loosing the championship by 3 points. I still feel I did good with 6 feature wins and numerous heat wins. And by the way, he raced 16 of 16 and I was gone for 2. I guess this is a problem quite a few places then

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rico 08
posted April 03, 2003 05:13 PM
Probably the best thing they could do is seperate the cars into two different classes if they don't have one already,sounds to me like you are racing in a street stock class to me,but the word stock can be interpreted many ways,it's the prefix that counts(pure,factory,outlaw etc)if dollars are not a big problem i'd play they're game,alot of old latemodel parts/cars can be had for cheap if they are outdated,i used to run a limited latemodel that had a ford frontend that had one stock lower control arm on the left front and tubular uppers/lowers everywhere else,so basicly i could have installed factory type lowers and regular springs/shocks and run in the street stock class and lapped the whole field in a few,but really that would be very unfair,but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to get you're point across.

posted April 03, 2003 05:36 PM
Sounds like the same **** as here in Michigan they overlook and bend rules every week even if they don't need to. Entry level class with people that have 34 years experience or people that run super stocks or late models and think it would be fun to run with the beginers.If you run a Ford you even get more ****.Chevies get to run a high rise marine but Ford,Dodge,Pontiac, etc have to run stock car intakes not boat parts.So yea same ole sh-t different day and track.

neil rucker
posted April 03, 2003 07:16 PM
we have to move up to super late models, or continue to get treated like crap. some of us will have to quit. the cost is a major problem but the big thing is after you get over being scared packing the track, you spend the rest of your racing years trying to be competitive and you cant do it without equal rules enforcement. "opinion"

posted April 04, 2003 06:49 AM
Hey Dirtracer7, I see your from Michigan, just wondering which track do you run.
I'm just finishing my car for Ionia Raceway (I-96).
Early 90's I ran Thunderbird and Winston by Muskegon, MI.

posted April 04, 2003 12:45 PM
no different here a car we just built broke just about every rule except the engine rule and it's not been stopped yet rules say cage has to but in front of b window post it's behind it says no pro,bilstein or any other racing shock it has pro's didn't even paint um to try to hide it says no mods to steering collum we cut it and lenghtened it 6 inches no after market noses have a plastic monte ss nose but when a guy welds washers to his upper control arms to make them safer it's not alowed. our class also has 360 9-1 rule several guys won 3or more races in a row and was never cubed or comp tested but when my buddy got 4th one nite with a new rx8 helmet that has the snell rating missing he was dq'd yet the guy that got 3rd that had a snell 95 rating in 2000 was legal goes to show you how it hel;ps to get in good with the tech guys

rico 08
posted April 04, 2003 01:30 PM
I ran in a (stock)class 9 years ago and i had dart heads 12-1 popups and a 600 lift roller,also a mallory ignition hidden under the dash,but in reality i had too much power and only needed to floor the car out next to the wall on the straights for about a second and was only at part throttle everywhere else,so really a good handling car with enuf motor should be competitive.

posted April 04, 2003 08:00 PM
Its kind of like that at our track. Like they say, Its not who you know. Its who you bl@w.

posted April 06, 2003 01:51 PM
hey listen to this at my track we have had the same guy win the track championship 3 years in a row and well they want to boot him up but well he just complains thats it's gonnna cost him too much to go up to that class so we are stuck with him in ours.. I think he only lost one feature last year and that was cause his tranny let go.....

neil rucker
posted April 06, 2003 02:33 PM
i dont mean any disrespect to him, but i bet its not just because he is that much better than everyone else!

posted April 06, 2003 02:56 PM
The race game is played so many different ways. You have the guys who want to race because of the desire to race,you have the guys who race with the rules and follow those rules,who have the guys who race with no desire to follow the rules,then you have the guys who race to win at whatever cost.

It seems that there will always be that driver or team who gets a break from a track because of being a fan favorite,or their sponsor may support a race fund or sponsor the main event.

I find that many tracks have "no" pattern when it comes to enforcing the rule book. You can take the same rule read by 5 different racers and come up with 5 different ways the racer will read into that rule.

Claiming has never worked,and will never work. It opens up a big can of worms that gets messier and messier as the season goes on. The claim rule is a good rule and should be used to keep a "honest" playing field,but the track must honor that claim rule for each and every claim,not to choose how the claim rule will be enforced. I believe each and every driver in a division has the right to claim,no matter where they finish in the race.

The bottom line is the track must enforce the rules and stay constant week to week,to driver to driver.

Drivers who want a class that is a entry level stay entry level must take charge. Do not let a small group of racers with a big wad of cash price you out of the race game. Working closely with the track as a group can be a start to a better relationship to enforce the rules. Do not go "whinning" to a track inspector,go to him with facts and a level head.....that will get you further than anything.

posted April 06, 2003 06:47 PM
You are 100% right Teamstrtom...
A group of competetors from my track approached the people who run our track...THEY LISTENED..
We have enough cars and will split into 2 divisions..
Now the racers will race and the newbies will have a better shot at a trophy...
More people will want to race..
It's amazing what is possible when you ask properly..

neil rucker
posted April 14, 2003 10:18 PM
sometimes i think all the promoters are just using the race track as a tax right off. the reason is because it IS a business but they dont care about any new customers and dont seem to mind losing any of the old ones. one local track had 7 divisions: super late model, limited late model, hobby, enduro, (very much like imca stockcar, or super street) stock 8, (pure stocks) mod 4, stock 4. the stock 8 class was the most equally competitive class, with 18 to 24 cars every week. he waited until the pine pollen was in the air, and everone was either ready or in the middle of building a car, and dropped it like a bad habit. i used to think they were all money hungry, but it seems like they dont mind throwing it away.

posted April 14, 2003 11:06 PM
Ive been trying to argue that point for yrs. How many people are gonna go out in 100degree weather and set and watch a dirt track dry up with no cars on it.They privide the dirt and hopefully a little water on it and we privide the show. But somehow they dont see it that way

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neil rucker
posted April 15, 2003 07:03 PM
the promoters are interested only in super late nodels. if you polled the fans, you would find more than 70% of them are there to watch hobbies or street stocks. the promoters argue about this because when they have a big show (udtra, stars, SOUTHERN ALLSTARS, etc) the stands are full, but if you look around 9 out of every ten aditional fans in the stands is there with someone from out of town. (family member, friend)

posted April 16, 2003 08:31 PM
I also run fonda and dont totaly agree with the high experienced drivers moving down but the next sentance in the rule book says drivers with previous experience may request entry into the division.As for 10000 dollar engines you could never hook it up.I think 2000-4000 dollars is what your top runners have invested which is still too much money for 50 bucks and a trophy.Spend more time on your chassis this track is more about handling than horsepower.

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